In the social group that I network in, it’s seemingly common place to go around the table and introduce yourself. Then people will add their whole resume as if it’s some sort of competition…

I argue it’s unnecessary to the extent that some do this and I suggest a way I could introduce myself, so the message is heard, it’s not an opportunity to sell yourself or compete…..keep it simple? This will also now be seen as my profile until further notice.

“Hi my name is Helen Caligiuri! I’m 40 something years old, straight, single, celibate, numpty with some crazy cat lady tendencies…”

Have I made my point?

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  • “All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.” always listened to your thought first time reading here can describe in one words “excellent ” – deepak

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  • I knew you were remarkable, Helen, and I finally made the trek over here to finally find out WHY! God has blessed you with a contagious jauntiness so that you could bless others with the same spirit. Who has time for self-pity anyway? You go, girl!

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