So, I thought I should get some disclaimers out of the way early, so to soften the blow of me swearing, which I seem to do a great deal these days, mostly out of frustration. Best coping mechanism ever!

And while I always try to avoid a certain word, I confess I use the F-bomb frequently. Hopefully you will get the frustration, I’m trying to express and I often get creative with the use of “Sassafras!”. It’s a bit like when the cartoon Sylvester uses the words “suffering Succotash!” I think.

But I warn you, I often creatively use words that will offend Catholics! For which, after going to Catholic schools for about 9 years and sitting through Sunday mass after my Nona passed away, a monthly basis which was spoken in Latin (No I don’t speak Latin!) I think that precludes me from your outrage!

I also spent 3 years working for a Catholic Non-Denominational, Not for Profit (NGO) and I learned from the best.

I learned from my boss “Shane” (will be coming out with some “Shane-isms from time to time) for which I will always credit him.

On a Monday I used to do a printout on my computer and give out a “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!”

My colleagues would look over and ask “did you just look at the referral list?”

They knew straight away. It also meant they hadn’t done their jobs! So, please accept my apology in advance, which my blog or swearing will sometimes offend.

Here’s an example of when I might swear in context.

I go to a group where all the members have an ABI/TBI (whatever)

That’s Acquired Brain Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury. And the person who is employed in the office is older, however does not have a Brain Injury that we know of anyway. I get very frustrated in these environments.

One day, I taught the woman in the office how to use a “Hole punch!” A Fucking Hole Punch for crying out loud! Seriously!

You know, that thing were you pull the plastic thing out from the bottom so the holes match up with whatever folder you are going to file the paperwork in.



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