Published July 5, 2021 by helentastic67


I think this gets filed under ‘people say the dumbest things.’ People often ask me about my falls? How often I fall? When was the last fall? When I fall, do I try to land on something soft?

What a stupid fucking question! Here are my priorities, when it comes to falls as anyone with a disability will tell you.

  1. Don’t fall.
  2. Don’t fall and break my one good arm.
  3. Don’t fall and break anything, so I need a 24/7 carer, so they can toilet me. (Also, why I haven’t wanted to get Carpel Tunnel surgery yet!)

BUT LET ME (sorry, shouldn’t yell) assure you, when I fall, you don’t think, there is no plan. It is human nature to put out a hand to try to catch yourself.

This is why a lot of older people break their wrists. That (falls) and Osteoporosis.

However, the last time I had a fall and landed on something soft. I think I got up off my couch and my left foot was tangled in something (I couldn’t feel) and I went down like a sack of potatoes.

My arms were in front of my tummy and I landed on them n the ‘chaise’ part of my old couch. I hit that thing so hard with all of my weight, I bounced back upwards and landed on the carpet on my arse.

So, while not huge (my arse) I did get two soft landings.

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