Don’t Worry

Published March 28, 2022 by helentastic67

Don’t Worry

We have made our way out of the 2nd Covid lockdown in Melbourne 2020 and people have been talking about all the vivid dreams they were having. ‘Only during Covid’ I ask.  I always have very vivid dreams; I greet my carers in the morning with “I had a crazy dream!”

They literally shrug their shoulders like “What’s new?” years ago, I had to start what has become a tradition. I said to a friend “I had a dream; you were in it” he then made a bit of a hopeful questioning noise and I responded, “Don’t worry we had clothes on” To his great disappointment.

Evil laugh.

So, ever since I’ve always stated that line on every comment when I’m telling someone they were in my dream the night before. You were in my dreams last night. Don’t worry, we had our clothes on and I’ve often received responses. “Why would you say that?” A little disturbed.

So, try it next time you have a dream and someone is in it. Tell them they featured and they had their clothes on. Then explain the context.

Is this how legends begin?

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