How To Get Looked After Better in Hospital

Published August 1, 2022 by helentastic67

How To Get Looked After Better in Hospital

Be nice to nurses, they do get paid but, they don’t get paid enough for you to be a princess or a bitch. (Gee, was that harsh? Brash? Yeah! I don’t care)

If you want a hot meal later in a hospital, be a bit cheeky, not a problem patient, but friendly, humorous and not a pain in the ass. Nurses will go out of their way to help you. That’s an extra.

This is my dessert haul:

My nurse comes around to check my vitals (Temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure). So, the next time, I greeted her with “not you again!”

Something I’m surprised at how much I get away with. But I do manage to build rapport  really quickly and I do often attract my kind of people quickly. It’s just the contact is fleeting. So, I try to leave a long-standing impact.

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