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Here’s to 2023

Published January 2, 2023 by helentastic67

Here’s to 2023

Write a blog post mentioning the words “Slut & Player” on your own blog and get censored from an NGO you have been volunteering at for over 10 years. Wonder what 2023 will bring? Ah, never mind! Felt like 2022 kicked me in the face.

Happy New Year everybody. Let’s hope 2023 really brings its A-Game.

Getting this post to Noelle with days to spare, she will be impressed.


Another Year Over

Published December 19, 2022 by helentastic67

Another Year Over

Anyone else wondering where 2022 went? All year I’ve been desperate for this year to be OVER! Just when will it be OVER. So, now it almost is, I’m trying desperately to put the brakes on, as I’m not caught up yet.

Christmas is a week away and this week I normally deliver all my yummy rum balls to my regular appointments, locations. Seriously even the several post offices I use get a little delivery and they are not done yet.

Rain check anyone?

I confess, I’m usually stressed about Christmas, where I will be? If I can get carers? And will I be with family or home alone? Who will feed Mika? All of these things. It’s always such an emotionally charged and traumatic time. What Christmas, traumatic? Yes!

So, I’ve been frustrated, I have been short with people. I thought this was my default setting as it is my baseline every December. But no! Apparently, it’s grief! What the F? That does make sense.

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