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Forever Frustrated

Published March 22, 2021 by helentastic67

Forever Frustrated

I am forever frustrated and outright pissed off by the lack of quality service in both Government and Disability sectors.

Today, I actually had a reason to be grateful, I didn’t rely on TAC funding. Ironically, I generally make a strict decision not to name and shame, however I’m going to today for a one-off.

A provider of a service, fuck OK, Chiropractor had a call about one of their patients. Let’s keep some mystery. The chiro was away on holidays. They would be busy with patients anyway, so Helen (my name for a change) from the TAC left a message. They called again and left a second message from Helen from TAC, stating they had rung twice.


And they didn’t leave a fucking number. Poor chiro, on her day off had to call the 1300 number and was on hold for an hour, while they had to work out ‘Who this Helen was!’ it’s on my top five most hated things.

How people, companies get away with getting paid to not do their job.

And let’s not forget the difference between TAC funding is they pay for everything. Computers, phones, chiropractors and my NDIS won’t pay for chiro or computer devices.

Bucket of Funding – How to Stem the Flow

Published December 23, 2019 by helentastic67

Bucket of Funding – How to Stem the Flow

Today, I thought I’d give you all a lesson on how to over promise and under deliver and do it in a way that your clients, if you are lucky, will be slow enough not to realise for a little while.

Big business can’t work this way, they would be bankrupt. But this is how governments seem to work because ours at least, is not want the bucket of water to empty too quickly.

When I talk about funding for people with disabilities, there is always talk about State V Federal funding and it’s all about a different bucket of funding.

What they promise is a huge bucket of funding, when they start to deliver on what has been promised. Big bucket with a huge hole in the bottom.

Here’s a life lesson by example:

When the NDIS was piloted in a region in every state of Australia, it was out with everyone having an appointment (assessment) with the NDIA directly.

There was not much (if any) information about where the pilot regions would be, because they worried people would move there and flood those areas (causing a false economy etc) No one knew, what they could ask for from the NDIA, as they seemed to be making it up as they went.

Ironically, rumour was it was such a painful process, people were leaving the pilot region (in Victoria, it was down near Geelong) nobody knew how long the pilot program would run or when it would be rolled out in their district.

It way maybe three or four years before it went to phase two (1st roll out after the pilot) still impossible to get information of what we could get, what it would cover.

We all got the message in the early days not to get reports and supporting letters early, because the NDIA wouldn’t accept anything older than six months.

I digress,

So, when my region was rolled out, the Northern District of Melbourne, there were three large areas rolled out together. It was fucking chaos and this is the important part. This is how to stem the flow, rather than follow the pilot region (why else have a pilot region, I ask?) they outsourced to other agencies and businesses (Not for Profit, NGO’s) who had tendered for the contracts, but it felt like the information was not given in a clear and concise format.


No one was on the same page and it rather seemed untrained and inexperienced staff were only to gather information for someone else to decide.

I know my mum did some training with an agency that I was not allowed to attend (because I was the client) and it was more geared towards the others, carer or family members present whose participant was much higher needs and had the background of having funding. And I found my mum returning all very excited, I could get a FREE COMPUTER.

I sigh! Oh, dear God, what do I need to set her straight on now?

“You can get a free computer from Greenpeace”

What!? Did you hear that too? (I’m asking you, reading this post)

Um, mum that is an NGO to save the whales.

Daughter, ever so ungrateful, poo-pooing on mum’s new found wealth of knowledge.

“Fine, you call Greenpeace and ask for a FREE COMPUTER” on the other hand, “Green PC” was an NGO that would be donated computers, they would upgrade them and then donate them to people who reeked then, or had to buy them for not much at all.

They ceased trading back in (I forgot now, back in 2010?) because they felt every household in Australia had a computer.

I’m wrapping this post up now!

Oh wait, at first there was a rumble about how much the NDIS was costing tax-payers. More obviously, than they had imagined.

Then, they were suggesting they would dip into the NDIS bucket to give to the drought affected farmers, some much needed financial relief.

There was outrage!

Instead, pubs were offering $10.00 Parma and chips or Parma and salad deals and sending/donating the profit to the drought relief. Which is great, farmers are still dealing with drought.

But the lesson here is the government seemed to work out from the pilot region roll out, not what was needed and how to offer a service and deliver in a timely fashion, but how to slow down their money escaping the bucket too quickly.

If our NDIA ran like a business, no one would choose to do business with them or be their customer and here in lies my point. That is the point.

Footnote! The farmers while optimistic, were not at all on board with funds being taken from the disability sector. “For the drought-stricken farmers we pray for rain”.



Published November 22, 2019 by helentastic67


Well, today I’ve got a lesson in acronyms, I think it’s been a while, so I’ve got two new ones.

  1. CDC – Feel free to comment as to what you think it is or could be. Feel free to do this even thought you will shortly know what it actually stands for. “Client Direct Care.” Apparently, it’s from Aged Care mentality services. I was given this as a tool to use with one of my carers, who really doesn’t like being told what to do. I often let carers have the benefit of the doubt that they know how to do somethings. If I have a better way, I often share that way with them. I guess, it’s also when I expect them to do that thing my way. I guess it’s like saying “My home, My rules.

  1. BDM – A friend suggested it’s not an acronym I should be using with my carers. She’s probably correct. “BIRTHS, DEATHS, MARRIAGES” and I spent an hour on the phone, I may never get back, just to get my Birth Certificate. I think the moment I rang; I was in this automated loop advising me they had an unexpectedly high volume of calls and that I could do stuff on-line. I can’t fit it in to go in, in person and wait for an hour. But, employ some people, stupid Government. Can’t wait until not every household in Australia has a computer. To be fair, that’s already a reality. My dad’s only just gotten a smart phone. Also, several hours of my life I will never get back. But!


Today’s Lunch – 17th October 2018

Published October 17, 2018 by helentastic67


Todays LunchToday’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

The wisest words I can share from my shrink! (Cough, just sounds cooler than psychologist) that I can share with you are these. “I don’t have to tell you how to suck eggs!” This is the advice she gives me when I debrief her on how shitty the world I survive in with a disability. I can already hear her saying this to me when I next see her.

How to suck eggs

But why? I hear you ask, you should recently have read about the world of funding in which I must navigate and survive? This year I’ve been trying to decide when to go with a new case management organisation.

NDIS funding

My bad, that’s a dated term. They are now called a Service Coordinator! I had just been handed over to a new one mid-year. I met with her a few times and decided it was time to move. I am funded 2 hours a week to help coordinate my services. You get that I do that right? (It’s a NDIA term, just go with it) according to my new C.M. (shuddup! And go with it, it’s shorter!) told me it was the equivalent of an 8-week review.

Service Coordinator

I’m overdue my review for my next NDIA funding plan, when I get to November 6th the current one ends and so do my carers and anything else I need.

NDIS Review

I met my new CM, and she was really awesome. She told me she was going to get me out of this habit of calling her a C.M. I told her that was fine because I would eventually stab her to death with a fork! Yes, she laughed. so, I’ll now refer to a case manager as a Service Coordinator or a S.C. Try to keep up.

New Service Coordinator

This cool S.C had seven funded hours to get up to speed, book me an appointment for my review and meet with me a few times and be there to advocate for my next plan. In layman’s terms it’s a lot to do in only seven hours.

Have I mention my theory that government agencies and welfare services are not actually about providing service? It’s about making you run around a wheel until you give up and get a job. If you can, or you get screwed. Um, have you met me? My names Helen! I’m thinking about changing my middle name, to screwed!

Running in Circles

And I say this because I got a call from my (cough) S.C yesterday telling me she was handing me over to another S.C. We meet Monday! FFFFAAAARRRRKKKK! Not happy Jan!

Again, had no water this morning, by the time I finished with my carer I cancelled my stabby appointment as I would have been late. Definitely have to go out to get some food for my lovely Caroline as she’s driving me across town tomorrow for my Neuropsych appointment. Did I mention neuropsych appointments, not just for crazy people anymore. In short, the neuropsych test is about working out what parts of your brain have deficiencies or problems doing what they are meant to do. Can’t test too smart as I’ll lose funding, can’t test too slow or I’ll get heavily medicated so I’m bombed out and don’t get to make my own decisions anymore. Oh, oops. Did I say that out loud?
Looking forward for a quiet week, when does that happen?

Too smart

Running out of things to make with lemons.



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