Dave’s Dick

Published June 6, 2022 by helentastic67

Dave’s Dick

This is a weird little gift a friend gave me that has provided many laughs.

The 2 silver things are USB’s – so is the dick!

I outsourced to a tech-savvy friend to procure (buy!) me some USB’s so I could play my music in the cars of my carers when we are out shopping. He did and he saw this apparently, I just learnt months later he had ordered a Wonder Woman USB but this arrived instead, which makes it even more amusing.

I’ve put music and shows on it and loaned them to my carers. The husbands and partners enquire “Who’s Dick’s that!?”  This is after I enquire “Did the Dick work?” Oh, this could go on.

I even had two gentlemen come to my home with a daughter/niece in tow Miss 6. She went to meet Mika on the bed, the father close behind. On the way past my entertainment area, she grabs a “Toy”. This is when the father followed to make sure Miss 6 didn’t get herself into trouble. Leaving me to explain to the uncle what exactly the Toy had been. I explained stating, “She won’t yet know what it is but, it’s a bit wrong” Thankfully, the uncle was amused and I sent her off with some chocolates to share with a brother. I am such a Nona!

Should I need to mention my tech friend is Gay? So, he’s not a straight “friend” being weird. Just one of my gay friends being greatly amusing. Enjoy!

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