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Today’s Lunch – 4th December 2019

Published December 4, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Anyone else thinking with the arrival of December that Christmas is too soon? I’m still planning to stay-cation. I might get a break, sufficient air-con and I may even watch a few films, I’ve been working on my never-ending list of TV shows. I can’t cull anything. I must watch everything. Since I can’t read books anymore.

Currently, I’m watching season 2 of Pose and crying. And all the appropriate uses of the word ‘Bitch’. Really, it’s eye-opening, sweet, beautiful and sad. But reality for gay men in the early 90’s. Oh, and legs that go on for days. Those bitches! Really!

Yesterday I went to the city to attend a launch of a project I participated with earlier this year. So, today I bring you the link to the website from the project Opening Doors. Watch my video if you dare.

I’ve only seen a little of it so far but, you saw the photo of me in my study a few weeks back. When I walked into the gallery space and saw it, I thought I looked really pissed off, I was told others thought I looked strong. The space yesterday for the launch allowed some interaction. Here’s what I added to the picture of me.











Meanwhile, where were we? Oh yes. Our standard foodie post. Today’s lunch is brain grain salad and medicine to help my migraine!


Published June 1, 2018 by helentastic67



I have dilly dallied about writing this post for some time because of the obvious slanderous nature (note title) of the message I want to shine the light on.

Shine a light

There are people who have a disability and they travel, they work, they shop, they enjoy life as a consumer of all good things. Yet, they will bitch, whinge and moan (maybe that should be the title) about how hard they have worked to appear ‘Normal’.


I know in many ways I appear normal and when I am forced to explain I actually have a brain injury, they are surprised.

I am normal

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